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CS Lenses

Photo courtesy Roland Stauber, Germany

Auto Mamiya-Sekor CS 200mm f/3.5 Lens
This is lens is beautifully crafted and has a unique feature: the name "Mamiya" is engraved on a ring around the center of the lens barrel which makes this lens look very classy. While not abundant, this lens can be found with some regularity on the used market, although mint versions can get very pricey.

However, although this is a very good lens, I was a little bit disappointed by its optical performance. While very good, it does not seem quite as good as the 135mm Mamiya CS lens.

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Mamiya-Sekor CS Lens 200mm f/3.5
Lens Groups Elements Viewing Angle Min. Aperture Min. Focus Dist. Filter Lens Hood Wgt
200mm f/3.5 4 4 12º f/16 7.5 ft. (2.3m) 58mm Built-In 17.3 oz. (490g)

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