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Mamiya/Sekor Lenses for the CWP (CP)
Lens Groups Elements View Angle Min. Aperture Diaphragm Min. Focus Dist. Filter Lens Hood Wgt
28mm f/2.8 5 7 77º f/16 Pre-set n/a n/a Screw-in n/a
35mm f/2.8 5 6 63º f/16 Auto n/a n/a Screw-in n/a
58mm f/1.4 5 6 45º f/16 Auto n/a n/a Screw-in n/a
135mm f/2.8 4 5 18º f/16 Auto n/a n/a Screw-in n/a
200mm f/3.5 4 4 12º f/16 Pre-set n/a n/a Screw-in n/a
400mm f/6.3 3 3 f/22 Pre-set n/a n/a Screw-in n/a

Additional Mamiya Accessories Available for the CWP (CP)
The following are the original Mamiya accessories available for this camera:

Filters: A series of high-quality filters, designed to maintain the high performance of the Mamiya/Sekor lenses. Available from Mamiya for all but the 400mm lens.
Lens Hoods: Screw-in lens hoods are available for each available lens.
Diopter Correction
Many near- and far-sighted persons have difficulty looking through a viewfinder wearing glasses, but cannot focus accurately with them. Available Diopter Correction lenses adjust for this deficiency.
Microscope Adapter: Critical focusing aid required in microphotography. Adapter provides for diopter adjustment.
Angle Finder: Useful for low angles, the Angle Finder has click stops every 90º and freely rotates 360º. Has built-in diopter adjustment.
Extension Tubes:
A set of four tubes of different lengths, which mount singly or in combination between the camera body and lens. Useful for close-up photography.
Auto Bellows: A versatile bellows unit for photomacrography. Rack and pinion control allows precise adjustment. Additional features include a double cable release for diaphragm automation and provision for mounting the lens reversed, for large magnifications.

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