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Legal Mumbo Jumbo and Small Print

This is the place where I'm supposed to tell you all the effort that went into the creation of this site (including all images, photographs, illustrations, copy, layouts, captions, descriptions and tables) is copyright protected, and you are not allowed to use it in any way, including in any print, broadcast, film, video, auction, digital or web media in existence now, or likely to exist in the future, without my specific written permission.

So consider yourself told. This site and all of its contents are protected by copyright. Reproduction in any form is a violation of US and international copyright laws, and could be punishable by severe fines.

This site is the effort of many years of collecting, reading and researching about these cameras. A great deal of time and expense is involved in the creation and maintenance of this site, the information and pictures it contains. The intent of this effort was to make all of this information available for study to anyone interested. Any images provided by third parties (there are very few) are being used with permission. All other images have been provided by either the author or a paid supplier. While it has always been my sincere desire to make this information available to the general public, there are an unfortunately large number of unscrupulous people in the world, some of whom have stolen images and text from this site and passed them off as their own. Worse, there are some who have used them on auction sites, pretending that the image they stole is their actual sale object. That is worse than copyright infringement. That is FRAUD. And it will be prosecuted.

Again, NO IMAGES OR TEXT FROM THIS SITE ARE TO BE USED IN ANY MEDIA, IN ANY WAY, WITHOUT MY SPECIFIC WRITTEN APPROVAL. Remuneration may also be required. Use this information simply for your own education and I'll be delighted! Just don't use it to create your own web site, publish printed or video material of any kind, falsely advertise on eBay (or any other auction site, for that matter), or use in any other broadcast, film, digital or electronic media without my written permission, and everything will be fine!

The information on this site is as accurate as it has been possible for me to make it. However, I cannot be responsible for any misuse of the information, or for any discrepancy. Furthermore, since a great deal of data has been delivered by third parties and is assumed to be accurate in the face of no contradictory evidence, I can also not be responsible for any claims of damage, negligence or harm caused as a result of the use of the information contained in this site. This is equally true for the information contained in any site link. No link is intended as, nor should be construed as an endorsement of product or service. No warranty or guarantee of any kind is either implied or provided.

Information submitted to this site is considered to be approved by the sender for inclusion or replication without recourse to compensation. Third party information submitted will, of course, if used, be provided with attribution when specifically requested.

The original Mamiya OP Corporation had officially recognized this web site, as have Mamiya USA, Mamiya Germany and Mamiya UK, but the new (Sept.2006) Mamiya Digital Imaging Company has been strangely silent. However, none of them has endorsed the accuracy of this information, nor do I expect them to, although Mamiya OP (Japan) did send me a history summary and CD images of most of their early cameras. Having Mamiya refer questions regarding their 35mm history to this site is something I mention with a great deal of pride.

Any opinions expressed here are solely those of the author, unless otherwise attributed. After reading all of this, you are to be congratulated for your perseverance. If you have any new, or previously undiscussed information (and I sincerely hope some of you do), please send it to my attention at Webmaster: "Collecting Mamiya 35mm Cameras"

©  2000-2010  R.L. Herron     All Rights Reserved.

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