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Mamiya 35mm SLR Lens Price Information
The following table lists average prices (in US$) for Mamiya 35mm SLR camera lenses in the current market. References reflect lens selling-price averages from all reviewed auctions, rounded to the nearest dollar. It only considers lenses that were rated to be in the very good or higher category for both cosmetic appearance and functionality (see the table on Conditions Affecting Value for more information.

The table was last updated January 16, 2010.

Average Mamiya 35mm SLR Lens Prices
Camera Model Lens Series Lens Mount Lens Max.Aperture Avg.Price
Prismat FC Exacta Bayonet 35mm f/2.8 $38
  FC Exacta Bayonet 48mm f/2.8 $28
  FC Exacta Bayonet 58mm f/1.7 $24
  FC Exacta Bayonet 100mm f/3.5 $35
  FC Exacta Bayonet 135mm f/2.8 $40
  FC Exacta Bayonet Mamiya Prismat Meter (top plate mount) $52
TL & DTL Auto 42mm Thread 28mm f/2.8 $37
  Auto 42mm Thread 35mm f/2.8 $35
  Auto 42mm Thread 50mm f/1.4 $60
  Auto 42mm Thread 50mm f/2.0 $22
  Auto 42mm Thread 50mm f/2.8 $20
  Auto 42mm Thread 55mm f/1.4 $47
  Auto 42mm Thread 55mm f/1.8 $20
  Auto 42mm Thread 60mm f/2.8 macro $100
  Auto 42mm Thread 100mm f/3.5 $50
  Auto 42mm Thread 135mm f/2.8 $30
  Auto 42mm Thread 135mm f/3.5 $26
  Auto 42mm Thread 200mm f/3.5 $41
  Auto 42mm Thread 400mm f/6.3 $95
  Auto 42mm Thread 800mm f/8.0 $300
  Auto 42mm Thread Slide Copier Attachment (also works with SX lenses) $52
MSX & DSX SX 42mm Thread 14mm f/3.5 $171
  SX 42mm Thread 21mm f/4.0 $139
  SX 42mm Thread 28mm f/2.8 $58
  SX 42mm Thread 28mm f/3.5 $45
  SX 42mm Thread 35mm f/2.8 $42
  SX 42mm Thread 35mm f/3.5 $40
  SX 42mm Thread 50mm f/1.4 $33
  SX 42mm Thread 50mm f/2.0 $20
  SX 42mm Thread 55mm f/1.4 $44
  SX 42mm Thread 55mm f/1.8 $20
  SX 42mm Thread 60mm f/2.8 macro $82
  SX 42mm Thread 85mm f/1.7 $95
  SX 42mm Thread 85mm f/2.8 $78
  SX 42mm Thread 100mm f/2.8 $49
  SX 42mm Thread 105mm f/2.8 $46
  SX 42mm Thread 135mm f/2.8 $39
  SX 42mm Thread 135mm f/3.5 $32
  SX 42mm Thread 200mm f/3.5 $50
  SX 42mm Thread 300mm f/5.6 $92
  SX 42mm Thread 600mm f/8.0 $161
  SX 42mm Thread 800mm f/8.0 $312 *
  SX 42mm Thread 90-230mm f/4.5 $57
NC1000 CS NC Bayonet 14mm f/3.5 $257
  CS NC Bayonet 21mm f/2.8 $181
  CS NC Bayonet 28mm f/2.8 $50
  CS NC Bayonet 28mm f/3.5 $32
  CS NC Bayonet 35mm f/2.8 $40
  CS NC Bayonet 50mm f/1.4 $55
  CS NC Bayonet 50mm f/1.7 $28
  CS NC Bayonet 50mm f/2.0 $25
  CS NC Bayonet 50mm f/3.5 macro $102
  CS NC Bayonet 135mm f/2.8 $38
  CS NC Bayonet 200mm f/3.5 $67
  CS NC Bayonet 300mm f/3.5 $174
  CS NC Bayonet 45-90mm f/3.5 $123
  CS NC Bayonet 50-135mm f/3.8 $170 *
  CS NC Bayonet 80-200mm f/3.8 $72
  CS NC Bayonet P-Adapter (to mount 42mm threaded lens) $37
  CS NC Bayonet CS Extension Tube Set (all three extension tubes) $30
XTL & X1000 ES XTL Bayonet 21mm f/4.0 $135
  ES XTL Bayonet 28mm f/2.8 $41
  ES XTL Bayonet 35mm f/2.8 $27
  ES XTL Bayonet 50mm f/1.4 $39
  ES XTL Bayonet 55mm f/1.8 $19
  ES XTL Bayonet 60mm f/2.8 macro $94
  ES XTL Bayonet 90-230mm f/4.5 $55
  ES XTL Bayonet 105mm f/2.8 $43
  ES XTL Bayonet 135mm f/2.8 $30
  ES XTL Bayonet 200mm f/3.5 $42
  ES XTL Bayonet 400mm f/6.3 $140
  ES XTL Bayonet 600mm f/8.0 $159
  ES XTL Bayonet P-Adapter (to mount 42mm threaded lens) $37
  ES XTL Bayonet Auto XTL Bellows --- $49
  ES XTL Bayonet Auto XTL Micro Adapter (for use with microscope) $33
Z-Series E Z Bayonet 28mm f/2.8 $46
  E Z Bayonet 28mm f/3.5 $35
  E Z Bayonet 35mm f/2.8 $32
  E Z Bayonet 50mm f/1.4 $49
  E Z Bayonet 50mm f/1.7 $28
  E Z Bayonet 50mm f/2.0 $21
  E Z Bayonet 50mm f/3.5 macro $87
  E Z Bayonet 135mm f/2.8 $47
  E Z Bayonet 135mm f/3.5 $31
  E Z Bayonet 200mm f/4.0 $50
  E Z Bayonet 300mm f/4.0 $113
  E Z Bayonet 28-50mm f/3.5 $52
  E Z Bayonet 35-70mm f/3.5 $77
  E Z Bayonet 35-105mm f/3.5 macro $185
  E Z Bayonet 70-150mm f/3.8 $69
  E Z Bayonet 80-200mm f/3.8 $65
  EF Z Bayonet 35mm f/2.8 $35
  EF Z Bayonet 50mm f/1.4 $52
  EF Z Bayonet 50mm f/1.7 $29
  EF Z Bayonet 135mm f/4.0 $55
  E-EF Z Bayonet P-Adapter (to mount 42mm threaded lens) $37
  E-EF Z Bayonet ZE Auto Winder --- $44
  E-EF Z Bayonet ZE Extension Tube Set (all three ZE extension tubes) $60
  E-EF Z Bayonet ZE Right Angle Finder --- $63
  E-EF Z Bayonet ZE Left-Hand Release ZE-X Only $59

All prices are rounded to the nearest dollar ($US). Average selling prices are based on auction selling prices from several years of investigation and review. The prices listed above are only averages, and lenses have actually sold for much more, and much less, than the average figure. Please note that no selling price guarantee for any lens is either implied or intended.

For those interested in trends, the average price of normal focal length Mamiya lenses has been trending down, with the exception of large aperture lenses (i.e.; f/1.4), which have risen slightly. Short tele lenses (85mm, 105mm) have remained stable, while 135mm have trended slightly down. Zoom lenses, and long tele lenses (200mm+) have risen slightly in value. Prices for macro lenses have risen rather more sharply.

* NOTE: Only two SX 800mm f/8.0 lens and one CS 50-135mm f/3.8 zoom have been seen in auction during this study.

Conditions Affecting Lens Value
I believe collectible cameras and lenses should be judged on a combination of cosmetic condition & functionality. People value camera lenses in distinct and different ways. For instance, a lens in mint cosmetic condition, but not functioning, may be perfectly acceptable to a collector. On the other hand, a user may not care much about the appearance of the lens barrel, as long as the glass is clear and it works. Please refer to the table on the Conditions Affecting Value for references to standards for both cosmetic value and functionality.

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