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I go to considerable effort to make your experience on Collecting Mamiya 35mm Cameras pleasant and informative, and I really enjoy hearing your comments. You can be flattering, but you also let me know if something is wrong or missing, too, and I'm glad you do (constructive criticism will never hurt my feelings). So far, all my Readers have been pretty good about telling me things they know about, or would like to see on the site. If you will indulge me for a moment, the following are a few of the typical comments received:

"Simply the best and most comprehensive source on the web for Mamiya 35mm cameras!"
R. Stauber, Germany

"Thank you for creating such a terrific resource!"
D. Bakker, NYC

"...the best address for Mamiya Rangefinders."
J. Krueger, Germany

"We've added your site ( to our standard response to Mamiya 35mm inquiries."
Mamiya USA

"A very exiting find - fabulous site!"
Ian, Yorkshire, England

"Most thorough site on this line of cameras I have ever come across."
W. Timmerman, San Diego

"Most knowledgeable man on Mamiya 35mm's in the world!"
G. Barrette, Calgary, Canada

"For further information on 35mm cameras, we recommend that you visit Ron Herron's website at"
Mamiya UK

"Great site. Keep up the good work!"
C. Wilmet, Iowa

"Smashing good site! Well done!"
R. Taylor, London

"Your site is the BEST! I don't need to look elsewhere for needed information. Most other sites refer me to yours anyway! Thank you for a most informative site and forum."
D. Jue, Redwood City, CA

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