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Links to Other Interesting Photo or Camera Information Sites I've Found!
The links shown below include web sites with products and services that complement those you came here to locate. It is likely you will also be interested in the products, services or information they provide. Should you find a bad link, please send an email and let me know.

Camera Repair Services
U.T. Photo The excellent Mamiya service facility in California, U.T. Photo, has become Concept Lighting. The owner assured me they are still a source of Mamiya 35mm parts and repair. He purchased inventory from Mamiya and thinks he may have the only large inventory of Mamiya 35mm in the United States. Jimmy Fujisawa, an outstanding technician who has worked on Mamiya cameras for over 40 years still works there, but only on a part-time basis!
Essex Camera  Another recommended facility!  Essex is an excellent repair facility in New Jersey that has worked on cameras for me, and continues to service many Mamiya 35mm cameras. Some on-line estimates are available.
Phototronic  A Reader Recommended repair service in Kansas that still works on Mamiya 35mm cameras. Readers have written to personally recommend them as a courteous, fast and fair service!  Unfortunately, Phototronic has decided to discontinue their web site, but you can still contact them at 119 NE Hwy 24, Topeka, KS 66608 -- or reach them by phone at 785-233-0231.
Southern Exposure Camera  A repair facility in Coopersburg, Pennsylvania (formerly Cardinal Repairs), still servicing old Mamiya 35mm rangefinders and SLR. Online estimates available.
Sendean Cameras  A repair service in London!  It doesn't say so on their web site, but when contacted about servicing the old Mamiya line, Sendean responded: "We...have dedicated Mamiya technicians specifically for the older range and professional cameras."
S.K. Grimes  No Mamiya 35mm, but the absolute best place for large-format lens repair!
CameraRepair.com  Another camera repair service found in New Jersey that still works on Mamiya DTL, DSX, Auto XTL, NC1000 and Mamiya Z-series 35mm cameras!
International Camera Repair  A camera shop in Toronto (also reader recommended) that still works on Mamiya 35mm. No web site yet, but they are supposedly building one. Telephone: 1-800-340-5937 (ask for Stan).

Mamiya Information
Mamiya America Corporation  Very little 35mm info here, just the cool medium-format stuff they make today!
Shutterbug Magazine  A review in the September 2009 edition of the stunning 28-megapixel medium-format Mamiya DL28 digital camera that, with an optional magazine, can also shoot film.
Mamiya NC1000  With his permission, I am preserving the internet archive of Roland Stauber's fabulous site dedicated to my favorite Mamiya camera!
CameraQuest  Stephen Gandy's great, rambling site with a neat page about the Mamiya XTL!

Cameras, Accessories & Film
B&H Photo  Located in New York City, B&H is one of the best professional camera stores in the country. Secure and dependable and online purchasing services with comprehensive information available on every camera they sell -- and they sell them all. Highly recommended!
Photoethonography.com  The battery equivalency page of a very interesting web site. Talks about batteries to use as replacements for some that are hard-to-find or no-longer-produced. Also has links to sources in many places. Nice site!
Film for Classics  A good source for discontinued and hard-to-find film sizes and processing.
Kameraleder  Custom-made leather covers for your "special" collectable cameras. Expensive, but worth every penny!
The Frugal Photographer  Another good spot for discontinued film sizes (127, 620).
Rocky Mountain Film Laboratory  They make a bold claim: "We are the world's premier developer of antique, esoteric and outdated film. If you have it, we can develop it." Check it out!

Restoration Tools, Equipment & Information
Micro-Tools  Recommended! A great on-line source of camera repair tools & restoration material!
Classic Camera Repair Forum  Interesting public forum full of information for cameras of all types!
Interslice  eBay auctions for the excellent, inexpensive kits for replacing camera light seals and mirror dampers, manufactured and sold by Jon Goodman.
Camera Leather  Neat place to get new leather covering kits for your old camera body. Neat service!

Instruction Manuals & Literature
Collecting Mamiya 35mm  I humbly consider my own site THE place to go for Mamiya 35mm rangefinder and SLR manuals!
Craig Camera  The place for any other kind of camera manual! Excellent reputation! Recommended!
Old Timer Cameras  Copy quality often suffers but if all you want is camera information this UK site is a good source.
Shutterbug Online  Good photo magazine, with good current technical articles.

Collector Services & Information
The Camera Collector  Not Mamiya-specific, but one of the best camera-collecting forums on the Internet. At the moment, you need to register as a member to view, but it's worth it. Highly Recommended!
eBay  A camera auction buff's dream site! Join Now! Highly Recommended!
Photographic Collectors of Houston  A nice site, that's just what it says it is!
The Photographic Historical Society  The first photo-historical society in the U.S.
Lights in the Box  Vincent Becker's interesting site with information about the old Mamiya C220 and C330 twin lens reflex cameras.
Chicago Photographic Collector's Society  Celebrating over 30 years of existence!
Ron's Favorites  Great books on camera collecting, available from Amazon.com
PayPal  Make easy, fast and secure online payments! Highly Recommended!

Other Photography & Camera Information
Nikon Historical Society   A great site and, after all, in the early 60's Mamiya did make the Nikkorex F for Nikon!
Speed Graphic   OK -- it's a 4x5 view camera and not 35mm. It's not even Mamiya, but these were great, too!
Pacific Rim Camera  Fascinating site, full of information!
Rochester Institute of Technology Interesting photography site maintained by Dr. A. Davidhazy, a professor at RIT.
Photo.net  An online learning community of image makers! Loads of information!
Reijo Lauro  There are only a few Mamiya SLR discussed -- but it really doesn't matter, because it is an otherwise fascinating site. Reijo Lauro, from Finland, has done a nice job with this! Well worth a visit!
Cameras.co.uk  Interesting UK site offering advice, reviews, specifications and price comparison for digital cameras.
The GM PhotoStore  A rich and interesting site, where you can order surprisingly high-quality photographic prints, old signage, and photo gifts from images provided from GM's own Media Archive! Definitely worth a visit!
Jeff Herron.com  Great architectural and slice-of-life photography. OK, he's my son and I'm a proud papa! Still, he's really good, so check it out!

Miscellaneous Other Good Stuff
The Hunger Site  A very worthwhile site. Please visit, even if you don't link to anything else here.
The "Amazing" Clubs!  Order anything here -- dog treats, cigars, flowers, chocolate, cookies, coffee, wine, cheese, beer or a host of other things. Neat!

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