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The Mamiya "SX" Cameras
Mamiya returned to a universal 42mm Pentax-type threaded mount for the four cameras in the SX-series, although there were some changes in the lens applications. NOTE: Good technical data is hard to find, so please consider joining the Collecting Mamiya 35mm Forum if you have Mamiya information to share!
Mamiya MSX 500
Mamiya MSX 500 (c.May, 1974)
with optional flash mount attachment
Mamiya MSX
A would-be successor to both the DTL series and the Auto XTL, the Mamiya MSX series was released in May 1974. It marked a return by Mamiya to the 42mm threaded-mount lens.

Designated as either the MSX 500 or MSX 1000 (for either 1/500 or 1/1000 as fastest shutter speed), both have TTL manual CdS spot metering (about 10% center area only), with a needle visible in the viewfinder. The high sync speed is 1/60. As pointed out recently by Gentle Reader Wim de Kan, from the Netherlands, they were available both with and without a hot shoe flash attachment. An optional clip-on flash mount was available for cameras without a hot shoe. Battery required is one MS76 or equivalent.

Sears TLS 1000 MXB by Mamiya
Sears TLS1000 MXB
Mamiya TLS 1000 MX & MXB
The Mamiya MSX 1000 was also marketed in the USA through Sears. It was available as a conventional silver & black bodied camera, the TLS 1000 MX, or as a completely black-bodied TLS 1000 MXB. The black-bodied version (only) picked up the leatherette-covered prism-housing styling cues that had been used earlier on the Mamiya Auto XTL, but was otherwise virtually identical.

The silver & black bodied Sears TLS 1000 MX,
photo courtesy of reader Bob Iozia

CLICK HERE for Mamiya MSX lens & accessory information.

Mamiya DSX 1000
Mamiya DSX 1000 with hot shoe
(c.October, 1974)

The mechanical pin on SX lenses
for transmitting f-stop information

Mamiya DSX Series
The Mamiya DSX series (along with similar re-branded models marketed as 1000SX, 500SX & 1000DSX) was introduced in October 1974, closely following the MSX.

Like the MSX, it also came in DSX 500 or DSX 1000 models, and both use the SX series of Mamiya 42mm threaded lenses, which have a lens mount lock (unlike previous Mamiya threaded lenses) and a mechanical pin which transmits the f-stop information to the camera, eliminating the need to stop-down for metering. It also uses one MS76 or equivalent battery, which is still readily available.

The basic difference between the DSX and the MSX was the return of dual meter function (spot and average) in the DSX. Both cameras are readily available in the auction market today.

Lens Adapters Available for Digital!
Lens adapters are available that will allow the entire series of Mamiya threaded lenses (M42) to be used on the new Canon EOS digital SLR's! These adapters (and adapters for other DSLR brands) can often be found on eBay. Used in conjunction with original Mamiya P-adapters, they also allow use of Mamiya CS and E bayonet-mount lenses.

Click here for Mamiya DSX lens & accessory information.

Visit my HOW TO pages for cleaning the MSX 1000 viewing screen.

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