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CS Lenses

Photo courtesy Roland Stauber, Germany

Auto Mamiya-Sekor CS 80-200mm f/3.8 Lens
This lens is a real gem! Very well built and an outstanding performer (especially from 80mm to 150mm). You can find it on the used market occasionally and the price is generally not terribly steep, making it a great value.

According to Roland Stauber, in Germany, on some samples of this lens you can focus this "beyond infinity." This doesn´t hurt the performance of the lens at all, but it does mean you have to be careful when you shoot landscapes. When you want to focus on a distant subject, make sure you do not focus the lens all the way to the end stop.

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Mamiya-Sekor CS Lens 80-200mm f/3.8 Zoom
Lens Groups Elements Viewing Angle Min. Aperture Min. Focus Dist. Filter Lens Hood Wgt
80-200mm f/3.8
10 14 30-12º f/16 4.0 ft. (1.3m) 58mm Screw-In 27.3 oz. (775g)

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