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Mamiya NC1000s Shutter Control Design Change
Thanks to reader Roland Stauber for the following information. According to information obtained from a Mamiya technician in Munich, Germany, the design of the NC1000s shutter speed control was changed at some point during its years of production. The change supposedly made for more precise and stable shutter speeds over time. You can see this difference only when you open the bottom plate of the camera. From the information currently available, serial numbers lower than K150848 have the old design, and serial numbers higher than K152262 have the new one. Where this demarcation actually took place has not yet been verified. If you have a Mamiya NC1000s with a serial number between these two, it would be appreciated if you could contact me with information to help verify this information. If you happen to have any published data, copies of same would also be greatly appreciated!

Photo courtesy R. Stauber, Germany. Used with permission.

The picture above is from a Mamiya NC1000s camera with the serial no. K105238. The red arrow points to a linking arm (lever) which is in contact with the magnet (the magnet is the yellow part partially covered by another large lever).

The bottom picture shows a newer Mamiya NC1000s (serial no. K228955). The red arrow points to the same area, where a different (sturdier?) linking arm is making the contact (both photos were taken with the shutter cocked).

Photo courtesy R. Stauber. Used with permission.

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