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2003-2002 Archive

No More Cameras Wanted!  I have found the Mamiya Sketch (c.1959), Mamiya 35-II (c.1957), Mamiya Wide E (c.1959), Mamiya Mammy (c.1953) and the curved-nameplate Mamiya Prismat SLR (c.1960). My collection is complete!

Lens Auction Price Information! In response to numerous requests, I began to research auction price averages for the interchangeable Mamiya lenses that were used on all Mamiya 35mm SLR camera models. You can visit my Mamiya 35mm SLR Lens Auction Prices table to view this ongoing effort!

Reprinted Instruction Manuals, Service & Repair Manuals, and other hard-to-find Mamiya 35mm information may be purchased from this site. All proceeds help to fund site maintenance. To see if that elusive data you have been looking for is already in the collection, check out the Instruction Manuals page.

December 2003  My latest find is the very rare Mamiya 35-I (c.1949), the first 35mm camera Mamiya ever produced. The story of how I acquired it could fill a lot of space. Suffice it to say that I had been outbid (by the same bidder and by a considerable margin) twice, on the only other times I have seen this model in auction. I did not want to lose a third time (the 35-I is very hard to come by), and made it a holiday present to myself!

November 2003  The old Forum page is officially ended, and deleted from the server to save bandwidth. I hated to see the old page end, because there was some valuable dialogue there. But, because it was set up "guestbook" style, it was just too hard to follow the thread of any particular discussion, and even harder to maintain (there were frequent "spam" or just-plain-revolting messages left, and no way to police them). The new Forum page is much better received, according to all the initial feedback!

October 2003  A New Forum page, designed to allow better follow-up on specific Mamiya 35mm camera discussion threads, is started as part of this site, offically replacing the old one that has been in place for the past 21 months. Register now (it's free) and post your Mamiya questions where they may get international attention!

September 2003  To make them easier to find, direct links to many of the many Mamiya Rangefinder models are added to the home page.

July 2003  Mamiya Japan provides information indicating there were two prototype Mamiya SLR's that preceded the Mamiya Prismat! Photos of both prototypes are available on my Prismat page!

June 2003  A visible reminder of our son's accident, the hospital bed he has been forced to occupy at home since last October, is removed. He still takes pain medication daily, and is likely to for a considerably long time, but he is mobile and mentally alert, and continues his long healing process. Our thanks to everyone who has been keeping him in their continued prayers. God bless you!

May 2003  I am contacted by the irate owner of an image appearing on my site. He is very upset about using his material (and it was his, right down to the serial number on the lens)! Now, I try to be meticulous about getting permission to use other people's images, and that was true of this image. But I only thought I had an approval, because the image did not actually belong to the person who gave me permission! I immediately removed the image and replaced it with one of my own (all's well now, as the upset reader and I now have reciprocal links to our respective sites. I had a similar experience when I spotted one of my images listed as an item for sale in someone else's eBay auction (I had the auction halted by eBay)! Never use someone else's image without written permission!

April 2003  After almost two years of research (which continues still...I do not think it will ever end), this was the month my Lens Auction Prices page went live!

January 2003  Our son continues with his many grueling sessions of rehabilitation therapy and I, perhaps to take my mind off things, make a modest upgrade to this site, with many new additions.

December 2002  Our son does not leave the hospital until the end of October, and has a visiting nurse who be coming through the rest of December. My wife quits work, to tend to him. Needless to say, there has been very little thought given to my camera collection (or this site) for many months!

August 2002  Our youngest son is severely injured in an automobile accident. It is a very scary time, and we almost lose this young man. He spends a week in intensive care on a ventilator, and then is transferred via ambulance to another hospital to be near surgical specialists to care for his many injuries.

July 2002  This site is now one of the top responses for Mamiya 35mm cameras in many search engines. Try it! Type Mamiya 35mm cameras into an advanced Google search, and see what's listed!

June 2002  Links to two more Mamiya 35mm service facilities that still work on Mamiya 35mm cameras were added. They are Phototronic, in Topeka, Kansas and Cardinal Repair, in Lansdale, Pennsylvania!

April 2002  I discover, almost by accident, that this site is listed in well over 300 search engines, around the world!

February 2002  Major additions are made to the Instruction Manuals page.

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