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CAMERAS WANTED!  I am still looking for the following cameras and/or accessories. If you have any of these items for sale or trade, or know of someone who does, please contact me!
  • Mamiya Sketch (c.1959)
  • Mamiya Mammy (c.1953), and
  • Mamiya Prismat SLR (the one with the curved nameplate, c.1960).
  • Front Lens Cap for either a CS or SX 14mm Lens
Lens Auction Price Information! In response to requests, I have been researching auction price averages for the interchangeable Mamiya lenses used on all Mamiya 35mm SLR camera models. Visit my Lens Auction Prices Table to view this ongoing effort!

Reprinted Instruction, Service & Repair Manuals, and other hard-to-find Mamiya 35mm information may be purchased from this site. Data on a few other cameras is also available. To see if that elusive data you have been looking for is in the collection, check out the Instruction Manuals page. All proceeds help to fund site maintenance.

November 21, 2004  I'm trying to eliminate some of the long scrolling required to read this news update material, so I have archived the updates from 2000-2003. If you are interested, you will find them by clicking on either 2002-2003 or 2000-2001, or the appropriate text links below.

November 16, 2004  Another minor update to the Rangefinder page, and one to the Fixed Lens page, where reader Maurice Fisher provides an update on the available lenses for the Mamiya Saturn and Mamiya Korvette that were sold in the UK.

November 13, 2004  A few minor updates to the Rangefinder page, mentioning the Pro-matic, a name variant of the Mamiya Auto Deluxe, and the Vulcan, a little known variant of the Mamiya EE Merit.

October 24, 2004  Nothing really new, just removed the translation device from the home page (too choppy, apparently, for most translations) and an update to my picture in About Me.

October 20, 2004  My camera auction price average table has been updated.

October 16, 2004  New information about a Mamiya-Sekor 80-200mm Zoom E lens with a previously unrecorded f/4 aperture has been verified by reader Reijo Lauro, of Finland.

October 12, 2004  A few more updates on the Rangefinder and Prismat pages!

October 10, 2004  Very, very early this morning, I totally updated the pages containing information about the Russian cameras in my collection! There are also new images added to the DTL, Prismat, MSX/DSX and Rangefinder pages!

October 3, 2004  I've added new shots of the Mamiya Auto XTL & X-1000 from cameras in my collection. There are also new pictures of the NC1000 series on the NC1000 page, a new Mamiya Elca image on the Rangefinder page, and a new 1000DTL image on both the Home page and the TL & DTL page! And if that is not enough, I also finished new images for most of the Z-Series page!

September 19, 2004  I am continuing to upgrade images as I can. More new ones are now on the Prismat, Rangefinder, Fixed Lens SLR and Home pages!

September 14, 2004  I have started to replace some of the images on the site with new images of my own cameras. You will find a few new images on the DTL and Rangefinder pages!

August 27, 2004  I have added a link to my photographer son's new web site, and this is a shameless plug for it! You can check out the link on my Related Links page!

August 25, 2004  Thanks to reader Karl Adams, in Australia, there is now photographic evidence of the often mentioned/never seen Mamiya E-series 35-105mm f/3.5-4.3 macro zoom! Check it out on the Mamiya Z-Series page!

August 24, 2004  I made a few minor adjustments to the site...mostly housekeeping things. I did get rid of some of the advertising links, to clean things up a bit. They can't all go, since the meager revenue they provide keeps the dream alive that I will one day discover a way to make this site pay for itself!

August 21, 2004  Check it out! I just got approved as an affiliate for the Discovery Channel Store and have added a link to some of their neat photo-related items.

August 16, 2004  Nearly all of the responses to my poll about the new translation service (see the Home page) were positive, so I will continue it, at least for a while. I am going to look for a better service, if one exists, since I did receive comments that said the translation was choppy and incorrect in places. There were also a few who could not view the Japanese/Chinese/ Korean characters!

August 14, 2004  I have acquired my second Mamiya 35-I (c.1949)! It has not arrived yet -- but I feel like a kid again, waiting for it to be delivered! It is only the fourth one I have ever seen in auction!

August 4, 2004  I added a poll to the bottom of the home page, to make it easier to find out what everyone thinks of the language service. I will leave the poll active until August 15.

July 30, 2004  As an experiment, I have added a link to AltaVista's Babel Fish™ language translator to the bottom of the Home Page. I can struggle through Spanish and a very tiny bit of German, but am embarrassed to admit the only language I can read fluently is English, so you will have to tell me how effective this new scripting is!

July 26, 2004  More information was added to my Home page on Mamiya's history. I included a small photograph I recently came across of the two Mamiya Corporation founders, Tsunejiro Sugawara and Seichi Mamiya (c.1940).

July 19, 2004  There has been a small change to the Rangefinder page, adding battery information to the Mamiya Super Deluxe listing. The NC1000 page has also been updated, with a new link to NC1000s shutter control changes.

July 18, 2004  I removed the temporary poll from this page, after analyzing a full month of its results. I was pleased to discover that 27% of the readers who responded said the information found on this site was "irreplaceable," another 53% found it "extremely valuable," and 17% considered it "valuable." A nice incentive to continue the work. However, I would like to find the one respondent who voted "not very valuable." Perhaps he was looking for car parts!

July 15, 2004  Thanks to reader Dave Lewis, in Manchester, England, for writing to inform us how to open the film door of the Mamiya Automatic 35EEF camera. Without the instruction manual, it is almost impossible to determine that the rear viewfinder bezel moves upward to unlatch the door!

July 8, 2004  Discovered an interesting site that sells lens adapters that enable certain film lenses to be used on digital cameras. This includes an adapter for M42 threaded lenses to the Canon EOS digital mount. My old Mamiya lenses just got an extended lease on life! You can check it out here.

July 6, 2004  Well, I took the plunge. Bought a new Canon 300D EOS digital SLR (sorry, all my Mamiya cameras...I know that must sting)! Unfortunately, I can only wish Mamiya was in the 35mm market for digitals -- after all, they make an extraordinary medium-format for use with a digital back!

July 5, 2004  New images of a camera labeled auto DTL 1000 have been provided by Gentle Reader Per Malare in Sweden. They show what may have been a one-of-kind prototype for the Mamiya Auto XTL, and have been added to the Mamiya XTL page.

June 22, 2004  I have acquired a beautiful old Agfa Plenax PB-20 (c.1935). Not a particularly expensive camera to collect, but this one is in absolutely fabulous condition!

June 18, 2004  I am contemplating changes to the site structure, so I have added a temporary Poll Question to this "What's New?" page, to gather information on the general reaction to it in the current state. I anticipate updating the question frequently for a while, as I go about collecting data. If you have a suggestion, by all means send it to me!

June 16, 2004  Back in action with a new computer. Still trying to resurrect some old files from the original hard drive. Thank goodness I had an external hard drive where I stored a backup for critical data!

June 10, 2004  The capacitors on the motherboard of my computer are fried in a thunderstorm (yes, I had surge protectors), and I am out of touch for several days!

June 3, 2004  Gentle Reader Per Malare, in Sweden, came across an interesting item and sent it to my attention. He recently bought an XTL bellows on eBay that came with a non-functional camera body. On closer inspection, the body was not just non-fuctional, it actually looked like a stage prop, not a working camera. Even more interesting, the engraved name on the top plate (which looks characteristically like an XTL) did not say Auto XTL -- it reads auto DTL 1000 instead! Was this a pre-production prototype of the XTL design? Comments welcomed! Pictures coming soon!

May 20, 2004  Information about Sendean Cameras, a service facility for Mamiya 35mm cameras is added to my Related Links page. It is the first verified service source I have found outside the USA.

May 12, 2004  Additional Mamiya history items are added to the Home page.

May 10, 2004  This "What's New" page is redesigned to be more of a timeline of activity, rather than its previous disconnected prose style. Comments are always welcomed and encouraged through the Survey page.

May 2, 2004  New information is added to the Mamiya TL & DTL page.

April 24, 2004  New information is added to the Mamiya Z-Series page.

March 2004  In my research and travels, new Mamiya 35mm instruction manuals and service guides have been discovered, and are now available on the Manuals page.

February 2004  A new page is added, called simply Other Mamiya 35mm, covering known information about Mamiya's 35mm "point-and-shoot" cameras. Initial survey results are not impressed with the page.

January 2004  A recent eBay auction uncovered a previously unknown Mamiya E-series zoom lens (for Mamiya ZE-series cameras). It was listed as a 35-105mm f/3.5-4.3 macro lens, capable of focusing to an incredible four inches! The picture seemed to support the description. This lens does not appear in any currently known Mamiya literature. Anyone with information, please write!

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